The Baseline platform provides an array of services to develop your assessment analysis skills. The platform also has an inventory of past assessments used so you can easily determine your assessment method and develop your instruments. Through the platform you can administer your assessment in a mobile friendly version, which allows a unit to engage students through the technology they use. You also have unlimited access to consultants who can answer questions and help you design an effective assessment instrument.  

Launch Baseline

Recorded Trainings

  1. Introduction to Baseline
  2. Developing an Assessment Plan
  3. How to Use Baseline Reporting Tools
  4. Creating Meaningful Learning Outcomes
  5. Creating a Survey
  6. Analyzing Benchmarking/Comparative Data
  7. Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis
  8. Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis
  9. Assessment 101: Sharing Your Data

Campus Labs Student Affairs Assessment CREDential: Foundational Level

The Foundational-level Student Affairs Assessment credential is designed for new professionals with limited assessment experience or experienced student affairs professionals with limited assessment knowledge and experience. This credential is exclusively available to the Campus Labs student affairs assessment member campus community.

This self-guided online course will help student affairs professionals by providing:

  • Competence– the lessons, videos, and learning outcomes are designed using the ACPA/NASPA Assessment, Evaluation, and Research competencies (Foundational level), participants can feel confident that they are gaining the competencies expected in the student affairs profession;
  • Resources– each lesson will have a variety of topical resources (readings, videos, web links) as well as a webinar on each topic led by Campus Labs professional staff.
  • Evaluation– a unique aspect of this online certificate is that participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate competence and have their work evaluated by the Campus Labs staff. This will ensure that the learning outcomes are being met, provide feedback to the participants, and ensure the credibility of the certificate.
  • Direct Application– participants will be able to use the resources and information to apply their learning to their campus environment. The take-away will be artifacts useful for their work on campus.

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